We all know that most couples find it hard to pick out the best outfit for their engagement photo session especially during the fall season. At this time of the year, the temperatures usually begin to dip, therefore outfits with longer sleeves, layers and knits are a must wear. The color palette will always be determined on whether you are taking the photos outdoors or indoors. If it is to be taken outdoors which is recommended by most, if not all photographers especially in Louisiana, then you have to go with a look that matches with the surrounding. Louisiana has a variety of outdoor places for fall engagement sessions. This could be in places like a local park, the streets of downtown, near the lakefront etc. We have highlighted some tips on how to dress up for your fall engagement photoshoot below:

Blend Your Outfits With Some Accessories

It is important to note that these accessories should be seasonal. You and your fiance may decide to wear autumnal colors that are a little bit understated. In this case you could spice up your look with a fun accessory like a patterned scarf or a trendy hat. Be careful to make sure there is no competition between your outfits and your accessories.

Dress Up in Warm Outfits

You do not necessarily need any accessories or jewelry to bring out your personality. Outfits that are warm are also acceptable if you are looking for cozy fall engagement photos. On the plus side, you and your fiance will not be affected by the cold weather while cuddling up outdoors. Consider a knitted, printed sweater or cardigan, or you could with a sweater dress and a complementary button down.

Bring Out Your Wedding Day Look

Be it fall, summer, spring or winter, never let the season deter or prevent you from wearing white during you and your fiance’s engagement photo session. During fall, it is with no doubt acceptable to still put on white attire, but we would recommend staying away from white gowns to avoid making the engagement photo session too bridal. Try a mid-length white cotton, lace, or crochet dress that’s different than what you will wear on your wedding day. Dresses that play with texture which gives out a vintage twist are also acceptable.

Still not sure what to wear? Check out our Pinterest board for some great ideas.

How To Dress For Fall Engagement Photos