It’s that time of the year again, fall! Or if you’re feeling fancy, autumn! It’s the perfect time of the year to take those annual fall family photos. The weather is nice, the humidity is down, and that means good hair days! So grab your spouse and your kids and have a fun time at a family photoshoot.

But wait–what should you wear? Don’t get so excited about getting your family together to take a photo that you completely forget to plan your outfits. No worries! We’ve got some fall family fashion tips and ideas for you to get some inspiration from.

Plaid’s the Fad

Everyone loves wearing plaid for their fall photoshoots, and why not? It’s super cute, and gender neutral. You can get a men’s, women’s, and kid’s flannel shirts at pretty much any store for a decent price this time of the year. You can even get creative and go for a flannel dress for the women or girls. Jeans or dark khakis are great options for what to wear on the bottom. Make sure to stay in the warm color palette, and not to get a bright turquoise or other spring/summer color plaid. Also, beware: too much matching plaid or mismatched plaid can be too overwhelming. Try to have half the family in solids and the other in plaid. Have the mother and daughter match and father and son match. Get creative and remember to keep the right mixture and balance of pattern.

Cozy Sweaters

This time of the year in Louisiana isn’t quite cold enough for sweaters yet, but if you’re willing to brave the lingering heat, cozy sweater outfits are a great idea! You can mix and match sweaters or cardigans of a certain color palette. We would recommend staying in the neutral color palette for these sweaters. Having one or two of you with a patterned sweater will make for a great dynamic. Just be sure the pattern isn’t too “loud”.

Fancy in the Fall

If you’re wanting to dress up the photoshoot a bit more here are some ideas! Nice slacks or skinny jeans with a button up for the guys paired with beautiful fall dresses or skirts for the girls is a great option. Women’s 3/4 length sleeve maxi dresses and midi skirts are a current trend we are totally loving as well.

Be Sure to Avoid

You want to make sure to avoid all wearing the same color. You will all blend together, and that won’t make for a good photo. You’ll want to stay away from all black or all white outfits as well. Like we mentioned before, if you are going for the plaid look, avoid everyone wearing the same exact plaid or too many plaids. Your eyes won’t know what to do! We would also advise wearing clothing you are uncomfortable in. You’re going to be in different poses, standing up, sitting down, etc. and you don’t want to be feeling (or looking) uncomfortable.

Our Life Hack Tip to You

Since Christmas will be here before you know it, you’ll probably want to use your family photos for a Christmas card. Keep in mind the color palette of your outfits. If you can swing a neutral color palette, that would work for both the fall season and winter. If your photographer (and children) allow for an outfit change, then go for it! Our only recommendation would be to avoid going too red and green (unless you are going for the tacky Christmas sweater look!)

Well, we hope these fall family photoshoot outfit tips and ideas have given you some inspiration for your own family’s photo session. If you’re looking for some more ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest page.

Your Fall Family Photo Fashion