Your life in school is almost coming to an end. You are now an educated young person, burning with ambitions and desire to change the world and make it a good place. One of the most important occasions of a senior is to take amazing senior portraits before graduation. Portraits captured through the lens of a camera can hold memories for generations. You don’t want to miss that opportunity to tell your story to your loved ones later in life. You obviously want them to be perfect and stand out from anything you have ever taken. To ensure that you get the best senior portraits, you must plan accordingly.

Start Early: Choose a Reputable Photographer

Don’t be a last-minute person. You know pretty well that your graduation is around the corner. Don’t wait till the last minute to start panicking. Photography is an art. The person standing behind the camera can make or break your senior portraits. There might be many people walking around with cameras, but that doesn’t make them professional photographers. You may not know how to pose for the best photo or even dress accordingly, but an experienced senior portrait photographer can help guide you.

Choose the Location

Do you prefer studio photos or outdoor photos? Well, you may take one or two school photos in a studio, but we recommend that you choose sites that will define your memories even after you graduate. What is your ideal spot in school? What is your favorite sporting activity? Who are your best friends? Ponder over all these factors and settle on a location that will bring out the best memories through the lens.

Carefully Select the Outfits

Choosing the perfect outfit for your senior portraits in Louisiana can be daunting to most people. It is for this reason that you have to plan in advance. Always have a variety of styles and colors to fit the occasion. As you leave school and head to the next chapter of your life, make it a point to carry all the memories with you. What has been your favorite dress, shirt, and pair of shoes? As you go through the outfits, ensure that everything fits just how you want it to. Don’t forget to accessorize! That will add personality to the photos.

Senior Portraits Day

The day is finally here. You are nervous, aren’t you? Well, relax and have an open mind. Take all the time to prepare and pack everything that will be needed. Since you could possibly be walking from one site to another, remember to carry a pair of comfortable shoes as well as water in case you get thirsty. Since it is Louisiana, bringing bug spray would also be a good idea. Considering all the above factors will guarantee awesome senior portraits that you will proudly hang on the walls or post to social for everyone to see.

Preparing for your Senior Portraits