There’s a lot to do when it comes to planning a wedding, and wedding registry gift ideas might be far from your mind. Or you might know exactly what you’re registering for and don’t need any ideas. Either way, you’ll want to take a look at this list to make sure nothing is missed.

Kitchen Necessities

Before you say it, yes, appliances go in the kitchen 😉 but in this section, we want to point out some things that will help you when cooking or serving! 

With all of this, whether you’re cooking, hosting, or both, you’ll be set! 

Cleaning Supplies 

Cleaning supplies may be one of the most overlooked categories. Couples often remember things like bedspreads and big TVs, but forget about adding basic cleaning necessities. But that’s why you have us, remember? Things you’ll want to add to your list are


Whether it’s playing games or watching movies, you guys are going to want something to do together, and with your friends. So don’t be afraid to register for things to do. Some ideas are:


Last but not least, let’s decorate that house with a few things! 

Outdoor tools

Up until now, we’ve pretty much covered inside, so let’s take a second to talk about outside and things the two of you might need around the house! 

Now, this is a long list, but we subscribe to the idea that you might as well register for a lot of things you want/need rather than for nothing at all. Because people will likely get you gifts regardless, you can either receive things you’ve registered for and want or end up with random items you may not want or like. 

Pro Tip: We’ve discovered that Target will let you add items from other websites onto your registry – making them a one-stop registry shop, and you get 15% off any of the items at Target that are not purchased on your registry after the wedding.


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Wedding Registry Gift Ideas You’ll be Glad You Registered For