It is your big day, and you have everything planned out. You’re engaged, and the hustle to create the perfect wedding is just beginning. We know you are the most organized bride out there, however, there might be some things you forget to put in your wedding registry that would be a life-saver in marriage. These wedding gifts often get left out as you’re planning for your big day.

1. A Coffee Station

We love coffee! It’s literally one the greatest things on earth. And with the early mornings and the warm bed, it’s going to be a little difficult to get up. You need a good cup of coffee to kickstart your day. And that’s a proven fact. (Okay maybe not…but we’re going to go with it.) Include all the barista accessories so you don’t have to grab a coffee from the shop. You’ll not only save time from having to stop at the local shop, but you’ll save money. And when you’re a newlywed, that’s always a plus.

Not a coffee drinker? If you don’t drink the best beverage around, a coffee station will still come in handy for you! It’s great to have for entertaining guests, making hot chocolate, or even tea! And who knows, maybe you’ll convert over to the dark side one day 😉

2. Cleaning Supplies

This one may be the most overlooked category. You are newly moved in together, with new dishes, bedding, etc, but nothing to clean your beautiful home with! Registering for the essential cleaning supplies such as antibacterial spray, a vacuum, a mop, and sponges is a great start, but don’t be afraid to register for items such as laundry and dish detergent as well! We promise you won’t regret it.

3. A Grill

Almost everyone loves a tasty meal right from the grill, and if you love entertaining and throwing parties, then this is a perfect gift for you. Couple it with a set of BBQ utensils and get to grillin’. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves being outside with the family relaxing on a beautiful day.

4. Artwork + Home Decor

Spice up your home with art. A couple of art galleries offer wedding registries where friends or family can contribute for a piece or two. If that’s too fancy for you (it’s too fancy for us) there’s awesome stores out there like Target, World Market, and Hobby Lobby that have some beautiful art at a reasonable price. Also don’t forget about pictures, that’s art! You should also add home decor to the list. Things like pillows, rugs, and candles are sure to spruce up the house. 

5. Tools

Let’s not forget about the man of the house! If you guys are anything like we were when we got married we had zero tools. Maybe a screwdriver? So it’d be a great idea to add tools to the list so you two can enjoy those DIY moments. Fixing up and creating things is always a great way to bond!

Sometimes these items are overlooked and aren’t the go-to home essentials but they definitely come in handy, so be sure to add them to your list! Final Pro Tip: We’ve discovered that Target will let you add items from other websites onto your registry – making them a one stop registry shop, and you get 15% any of the items at Target that are leftover on your registry after the wedding.

5 Gifts You’ll be Glad You Registered For