Tanner Armstrong Senior Portraits – Loranger High School

This was the first, maybe second, time I’ve been to Loranger High School since I graduated in 2011. But that’s not the only thing that made this shoot interesting.  

We just love Tanner and are so pleased with how they came out. Tanner did a great job and made them easy and fun. I have to say though, I was a little nervous before the shoot, simply because when talking to Mrs. Vanessa, Tanner’s mom, she had said they wanted to get on the football field. Well, Danielle and I passed the football field the day before and let’s just say it put the FIELD in football field. The grass was so high they could bail hay. And no, I’m not exaggerating. It was rough. After seeing that I just knew this was going to be awful. Tanner was going to look like he was in a random field with at goalpost or scoreboard behind him. I’m not sure if they pulled some strings or what, but the grass was cut the next day, and while it still wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world and lacking lines, it was 100% better. Everything was going great. Then Tanner’s Aunt Marlene said “I want some photos of him on the goal post”. AND she came prepared with a ladder so Tanner wasn’t getting out of it. They got the ladder and up Tanner went. And shout out to him because that bad boy was quite shaky.

Once we wrapped up at the field, we headed over by his paw-print (if you don’t know, these are paw prints the seniors get to paint that are on display for their whole senior year) and shot a few photographs there. Then we went to the front of the school for a few obligatory sign photos. We were done at the school and headed to Aunt Marlene’s for some fishing, hunting, truck and dog photos which would conclude our shoot.

It was so much fun, and I’m beyond thankful Tanner didn’t fall off that goal post!


Gabrielle Keen

I am so shy and awkward so I was nervous to have professional pictures done. But they make you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! Saying they are amazing is an understatement. I will always go to them for photography. Dylan and Danielle and truly the best.

Three Twenty Studio is the best!!! They have done my engagements, graduation, and wedding pictures.


Miranda Renski-Donze

What was MOST important to me was to connect with each of my vendors. They were so accommodating and thorough with anything I wanted or with any hesitation or fear I had for my day. I’m over the moon with my pictures and my film! Thank you so much. I’ll cherish this forever!

I just felt an instant connection on the phone with Dylan and I knew they were the right decision.


Jennifer Dobbs

The organic laughs and pictures they take are so worth it! Best EVER!

The best duo around!

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