When you start planning a wedding you’ll quickly realize that prices add up fast. You’ll also realize that finding inexpensive wedding dresses is pretty difficult too! But have no fear, the Three Twenty Studio blog is here! We’re here to help out the couples that are trying to plan a wedding on a budget!


First on the list is BHLDN.com (pronounced “beholden”). This is Anthropologie‘s wedding website. You would think since this is Anthropologie that all the wedding gowns would be extremely expensive. Well, that’s not the case. The wedding gowns, if you include the sales section, can range from $200 to about $2,400. This is definitely on the low-end as far as wedding dresses go. The style of the dresses is very classic, timeless, and whimsical. You can order these dresses online, and they’re pretty true to size. If you’re iffy on buying clothes online, rest assured they offer free returns. Also, some Anthropologie stores do have the BHLD line in store.

Side note: If you’ve seen any pictures from our wedding, the dress I am wearing is from BHLDN.com and it was only $500! I couldn’t have been happier with that purchase.


Get ready for this great news: ModCloth has a wedding line. They are the least expensive we have encountered so far. They range from about $100-$600 for their wedding dresses. The style of these dresses as you would imagine is a mod, retro style but also a classic and timeless style. They don’t have an extremely large selection, but if you are looking for wedding dress on a tight budget this is definitely the first place that I would look.


ASOS also has its own line of wedding attire including bridal gowns. You won’t find any traditional wedding gowns here, but they have a variety of bohemian and modern styles. The price range average is from about $100-$400. From experience they run pretty true to size, and they offer free returns so you can try on and return, if needed, without any worry.


Yes, this is the website you see all over Pinterest. They have tons of white and ivory dresses that are appropriate for a wedding dress. There are a variety of modern, whimsical, and bohemian styles. The prices range from $25 to $80 dollars, so they are very reasonable! I ordered my bridal shower dress from here, and let me tell you: If I hadn’t already ordered my wedding dress, I would’ve worn my bridal shower dress on my wedding day. It fit perfectly and was very well made!


Lulu’s has GORGEOUS and inexpensive wedding dresses that you’re sure to love. The styles range from indie and boho to elegant and classy, and the prices range from $30-$250. Lulu’s also has free shipping over $50 and free returns. They also have a lot of lace options if that is what you are looking for.

I hope you found this list quite helpful! This is all from my experience of planning my own wedding. If you don’t find the dress of your dreams on any of these websites or stores, then I would suggest searching white dresses or ivory dresses on google or amazon as well. You’d be surprised what you can find. I’ve even seen Forever 21 have some wedding-worthy white dresses. Happy Shopping!


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Top 5 Places to Find Inexpensive Wedding Dresses