Since Dylan and I have just gotten married and planned and paid for a wedding ourselves (with a little help from our parents), we decided to make a blog series of things that we’ve learned so that we can help out other couples that are trying to plan a wedding on a budget. We’re calling this “What We’ve Learned Wednesday”. Our sixth topic in this series is about saving for your wedding. If you missed our other topics you can find them here.

First off, what is Simple? They like to describe themselves as “It’s the whole idea of banking, remade with lovely design, equally lovely tools to help you save (right inside your account), and genuine human goodness.” In other words, it’s a free online-only bank account. Simple has so many wonderful features that I won’t go into detail about (but you can view them here). What I want to talk to you about today is how Simple Goals helped Dylan and I save for our wedding.

Dylan and I have had a shared Simple account for a while now, so when it came time to save for our wedding, we knew exactly how we would do it. Simple has a feature called Goals, and it’s basically a way to organize the money you have in your account. What we did was create a goal for each aspect of the wedding that we had to pay for like photographer, videographer, flowers, etc. It gets even better though because you can put a date that you want to save that money by, and each day it takes out a little from your “safe-to-spend” money and adds it to your goal.

I know, it sounds silly. How can just organizing your money help you save money? What it does is make you cognizant of where your money needs to be. Having all the money in your account in one lump sum makes it very hard to realize what money you need set aside for what. It helped us see how much we still needed to save and how much time we had left to save it. It also prevented us from spending money that should’ve been set aside for wedding things. Plus we had that extra gratifying factor when we completed our goals!

This might sound like an ad for Simple, but I really don’t care because we love banking with Simple. I find myself saying “well that was simple!” all the time on accident when talking about something I did in our account or after talking to customer service. If you think you might be interested in getting a Simple account, you can use our referral link:

If you use that link, it’ll get you and me $20 when you use your Simple card for the first time.

If you want to know more about Simple just go to

I know you are probably going to ignore all this advice because it’s easier said after you’ve had your wedding, but if you did find this helpful then we are glad to have been of assistance. Be on the lookout for next week’s What We’ve Learned Wednesday. Sign up for our email list to get it sent to your email.

How Simple Helped Us Save For Our Wedding