Since Dylan and I have just gotten married and planned and paid for a wedding ourselves (with a little help from our parents), we decided to make a blog series of things that we’ve learned so that we can help out other couples that are trying to plan a wedding on a budget. We’re calling this “What We’ve Learned Wednesday”. Our fifth topic in this series is about wedding flowers. If you missed our other topics you can find them here.

When we were planning our wedding, we knew from the start that we wouldn’t be able to afford fresh flowers as our flowers for the wedding party and for decorations, so below are some alternatives that we found worked out very well!

Artificial Flowers

Stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels have some really beautiful artificial flowers that you can use to create your own bouquets and centerpieces. Pro Tip: wait for them to go 50% off to really get a good deal. There’s other websites you can get artificial flowers from, too, like or The options are endless, and if you are a creative person, this would be a fun project!

Dried Flowers

There’s many pros to using dried flowers in your wedding. For one, they are already dried so they already come preserved! They do also tend to be less expensive than fresh flowers. We ordered our dried flowers from PaulaJeansGarden on Etsy, and they were just beautiful and smelled so good!


Who says you have to have ALL fresh flowers or artificial flowers? You can combine multiple types of flowers  to incorporate into your wedding. Dylan and I used dried flowers for our wedding party flowers and artificial flowers and garland for the ceremony and reception decorations.

A Little Side Note

If you are very passionate about having fresh flowers for your wedding, I have heard that you can order roses in bulk from Sam’s and get them for a good price, so that would be worth looking into!

I know you are probably going to ignore all this advice because it’s easier said after you’ve had your wedding, but if you did find this helpful then we are glad to have been of assistance.

Inexpensive Alternatives to Fresh Flowers