Everyone loves saving money, especially when it comes to groceries. If you hate coupon clipping and love saving time this blog post is for you. Today we’re going to share with you four companies/apps that help us save money each month on groceries.

This app is super pretty and super easy to use. All you do is search and find offers, go shopping, redeem your purchases and get paid! That’s it. And did we mention it was easy. On top of it being super easy they give you a $10 bonus for signing up.

We don’t even use it as much as we should, but to date we’ve gotten over $75 back. And for the ease of use, I’d say that’s a win! So sign up today and get to saving!

Checkout 51
Much like Ibotta, Checkout 51 helps you save money without clipping coupons. You simply “favorite” offers, then go shopping. Once you get back home you upload your receipt and get money back.

Again, we don’t use this nearly as much as we could, but to date we’ve gotten about $16.00 back. Another cool thing is sometimes Checkout 51 and Ibotta overlap so you can get money back on the same item in both apps which is even more savings!

Brandless is awesome and I’m 100% about it. It’s an online grocery store where everything, yes everything, is just $3.00. It’s also all organic and ships right to your doorstep. Another great thing about them is they have bundles that are just awesome. They have dinner bundles, cleaning bundles and smoothie bundles. They even have a “get well soon” bundle. Danielle and I tried their organic taco night, and it was delicious.

Now with Brandless there are two downfalls you have to consider. You have to order and wait for it (but that might help you meal plan better) and you can’t buy produce or meat. So it doesn’t completely stop you from going to the supermarket, but it can limit the time you’re there and the things you buy. I will also say to be careful because some things at $3.00 are overpriced. But overall it’s awesome, and I love it! Lastly, they donate food to those in need and that’s always a win for me!

Walmart Savings Catcher
The Savings Catcher feature of the Walmart app takes the least amount of effort. All you need to do after you shop at Walmart is scan your receipt in the app. Over the next day or two Walmart searches other stores for a lower price, and if they find a lower price they give you the difference on an e-gift card. My dad saved so much over a year or two that he was able to buy a bike!

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