There are a million blogs out there about bridesmaid gift ideas. Well, here’s a million and 1. Except in this blog, I’m targeting those ladies that love all things hygge, or all things cozy! I’m talking blankets, fuzzy socks, candles, pillows, coffee, tea, and everything else you can imagine that’s cozy. I’ve put together a small list of items your bridesmaids might be into instead of the traditional gifts of jewelry and clutches (no hate to those, they just aren’t comfy).

no. 1 | Throw Blanket

You literally could never have too many throw blankets, so this gift is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You could get them their favorite color or even coordinate them with your wedding colors!

no. 2 | Coffee Mug or Tea Cup

If they don’t love coffee or tea are they even your friend? Okay hot chocolate counts as well 😉 Some would argue that you can have too many coffee cups so make sure these are unique, special, and sentimental…or just really really cute!

no. 3 | Pajamas

A trend I’ve been seeing lately is pajamas instead of robes, and I have to say, I love it! You can wear these more often and they are usually less revealing. Mix and match for each person or make them all twinsies!

no. 4 | Socks or Slippers

It’s not always the bride and groom you need to worry about getting cold feet. The bridesmaids might get them too! Remedy that with some cute bridesmaids socks for the whole bridal party.

no. 5 | Candles

This gift is so cliche, but I felt it necessary to add in here because I’m personally always running out of candles so I feel like it’s always an appropriate gift. Does your wedding have a signature scent like lavender vanilla? Get them that scent! If you don’t have a signature wedding scent, then get them each one that suits their personality.

no. 6 | Tea or Coffee

Make this gift mean something extra special by giving them each a bag of their favorite coffee or tea. Seeing that you went out of your way to get them their choice of brew will make them appreciate it even more!

no. 7 | Books or Devotionals

Have you read an inspiring book or devotional lately? Gift it to your bridesmaids! It’s perfect because you already know it’s a great read, and then you will have even more to talk about with your ladies.

Looking for gifts for groomsmen too? Don’t worry, we covered that in this blog!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for the Slow-Living, All Things Comfy, Hygge Types of Girls