Everyone always thinks to take family photos when the kids are young. It’s fun! You get to dress them up in adorable outfits, and you get to look like the well-put-together family that you most certainly are not. As the kids get older and spend more time with their friends than you, family pictures just get put aside. It’s really not until your kids have kids of their own that you think about having family portraits done again.

The Sharp family went against this and decided they wanted family photos done. Okay, Alicia decided she wanted family photos taken. Her two sons are adults, which is a perfect time to take family photos because, you never know, it might even be the last time they get pictures of just the four of them! Next time they take family photos, there may have been marriages or a grandkid or two, so it’s important to document these rare years.

So grab the family and drag them out to a nice family photo session. Our full sessions are an hour long, but don’t worry. We also have mini sessions available that are 20 minutes for the impatient husband or teenage boy 😉.

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Take Family Photos Even When The Kids Are Older