A lot of times we get the questions “what happens if it rains during my session?” or “What happens if it’s scheduled to rain when we have a session booked?” Depending on how bad the weather is forecasted to be, we can handle this multiple ways, with one of them even being a rainy day session!


We work with you the best we can to reschedule if possible. We try to reschedule because we know that you probably don’t want the rain to be part of your session. You’re likely to be wearing your Sunday’s best and girls often get their hair and makeup done so the rain would only mess things up

Opt for a rainy day session

However, if you do want to party in the rain, we are totally game for that! We have the gear to shoot outside so it won’t be a problem. We have really cute clear umbrellas, and we’ve done a few outside rainy shoots and they have turned out awesome.  The only time we don’t shoot in the rain is when it is really, really storming. While we do have the gear to shoot in the rain when it’s sprinkles and stuff like that, if it’s storming it can really mess up our gear.

Find an indoor location

Another way we handle the rain is by booking an indoor location. The only downside to this is that these venues tend to need a heads up. Another downside is a lot of times those venues charge an additional fee. Unfortunately, that’s a fee that we have to pass on to you guys, just because we ideally would have shot elsewhere with no fee. So that’s always an option. If that’s something that you would want to do, just let us know, and we would be happy to make that happen.

Before every session, we look at the weather ahead of time and confirm with you. If it is a low chance of rain, we usually don’t reschedule until about two hours before your session. So if you have a shoot scheduled with us and it looks like it’s going to rain, don’t worry, we’re going to work with you as much as humanly possible to make everything work out and make your pictures as beautiful as possible.

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What If It Rains During My Session?