What is a Change-the-Date? Well, you know its cousin, the Save-the-Date— the card you mail out asking everyone to save that date to attend your wedding. A Change-the-Date is very similar! It lets your guests know that you’re going to be changing your wedding date. Why has this topic come up? COVID-19 is the culprit of course!

Why should I Change-the-Date?

With stay-at-home orders in place, the usual spring wedding season has been officially postponed. You can move the date altogether. Or you can opt for a small ceremony on the original date and save the reception for later. Either way, you will need to tell your guests, in some way, that plans have changed. That’s where a Change-the-Date comes in. This could include a new date if you have one. Or it could just let your guests know that the original date is no longer, and you will inform them when a new date is set.

How do I Change-the-Date?

There’s a couple of different ways a Change-the-Date can be implemented. If you’re far enough away from your wedding date and want to be formal then you could have one designed and mailed out to your guest list. If time doesn’t allow for that, you can have a digital one designed and email it, post it to social, and put it on your wedding website.

Three Twenty Studio can help!

Take a look at some Change-the-Date ideas below, and let us know if you’d like us to design and/or print some for you!

Change-the-Date: The Stationery No One Wants to Need