Must-Have Photos

Here at Three Twenty Studio we are all about the candid and photojournalistic style when it comes to photography. While photographing weddings we like to blend into the background while capturing the day as it naturally happens. This makes for the most authentic and beautiful shots.

What about my must-have photos?

However, we also know that there are essential photos that need to be captured as well such as portraits with parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Those are a given. But what about the 5 generations of women that are in your family that will be at the wedding? What about the photo you took with your maid of honor at her wedding that you want to recreate at yours? These must-have photos your photographer won’t know unless you communicate that to them.

How do I request my own essential photos?

About a month before your wedding, your photographer will usually send you a questionnaire to fill out (that’s what we do anyway). In that questionnaire there will be questions to help build your timeline, vendor information, and any other information they might need for your big day! In that questionnaire would be a great place to note any must-have photos that you’d like captured. Now, we aren’t talking about a mile long list of Pinterest poses you’ve gathered over the years because, face it, that’s just not realistic. But if you have a few specific ideas, people, or poses that you’d really love to prioritize, that’s where you should note them. If your photographer doesn’t have you fill in a questionnaire then a nice email with an organized list would be sufficient.

Check out some of our past couple’s must-have photos. Maybe it’ll spark some ideas of your own!

Essential Photos for Your Wedding Day