2020 Studio Tour

We absolutely love our Studio! There’s something about having a space where you feel creative and can do your best work. Sure, you’ve seen the process videos of our Studio but we thought it was about time we give you guys a Studio tour. So, check it out below 🙂 

A little back story

We were blessed enough to move into our home shortly after getting married. We began our process as a rent to own with the intentions of going to the bank and officially making it ours as soon as possible. One of the things we loved about our property is that it had a small metal building to the right of our house. From the moment we saw it we wanted to remodel that little building into a studio. 

The only problem was we didn’t have our property officially in our name yet so we were hesitant to put too much money into it. We wanted to make sure everything was said and done before we moved forward. And what a process. It took us about 2 years before remodeling our shed into a studio was even a possibility. During those two years, Dylan worked full time from the corner of our bedroom. 

Finally, the time had come when we could move forward. Since we’re planners, we already had a bid so we knew about what it was going to cost. So, in the beginning of 2020 we started the construction process. We were 100% done on February 18, 2020. The construction process was incredibly smooth and we’re beyond pleased. 

Future plans 

While we love our studio, we have even bigger plans. When we built it, we intentionally put a front door without a window. We wanted it that way so we could completely control the light inside. In hindsight, we don’t love it. However, we do love having the ability to control the lighting so it’s actually perfect for now. Eventually, we’d love to add on to the Studio and make it a bit larger. But right now it’s perfect! Check out our 2020 studio tour down below!

Studio Tour


Gabrielle Keen

I am so shy and awkward so I was nervous to have professional pictures done. But they make you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! Saying they are amazing is an understatement. I will always go to them for photography. Dylan and Danielle and truly the best.

Three Twenty Studio is the best!!! They have done my engagements, graduation, and wedding pictures.


Miranda Renski-Donze

What was MOST important to me was to connect with each of my vendors. They were so accommodating and thorough with anything I wanted or with any hesitation or fear I had for my day. I’m over the moon with my pictures and my film! Thank you so much. I’ll cherish this forever!

I just felt an instant connection on the phone with Dylan and I knew they were the right decision.


Jennifer Dobbs

The organic laughs and pictures they take are so worth it! Best EVER!

The best duo around!

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