So you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re absolutely in love. They are perfect. They have very little faults. You wouldn’t even call them faults, more like quirks. But that’s okay because you love them, quirks and all! 

When you get married the things you thought were cute you suddenly hate, or so they say. While we don’t believe that’s 100% true, we do think there’s a bit of truth in it. Without proper communication and understanding, those “cute quirks” become deal breakers. But why? Well, if you don’t properly communicate before you get married and throughout your marriage, these quirks will turn out to really push your buttons. That’s why we think it’s important to make sure you talk about a few “big” things before you get engaged. Doing this will help those little quirks stay adorable and keep the two of you on the same page till death do you part 🙂 


How devoted are you and your significant other to your careers? What are your professions and goals and how do they line up with your personal and marriage goals? Asking these hard questions before you get engaged is the way to go, especially if one or both of you are still in school. 


Finances are always a touchy and taboo subject. However, if you and your significant other aren’t on the same page it can lead to trouble. According to a survey by Ramsey Solutions, money fights are the second leading cause of divorce. Most marriages start off with debt and what’s worse, couples avoid talking about the debt so it keeps building. This is a huge problem and if you want to have a great marriage, it’s important to talk about finances early. This talk shouldn’t be a “who’s in charge of the finances” discussion. It should be an open discussion about how the two of you are going to tackle and handle finances together. 

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This includes your current family, soon to be in-laws, and any future family you’d like to have. It’s important to know where one another stands when it comes to future kids. You don’t have to figure out everything, but having a discussion could save you from future heartache. 


Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, or atheist, this is a conversation to have. When it comes down to it, your faith will help you make the tough decisions. Like when it’s time to buy a house, change career paths, or have kids. 

The Past

This is something no one wants to talk about. Shoot, it might even be worse than finances. But to have a successful future you must confront each other’s past.


You hated them as a kid and bad news, you’re going to hate them as an adult too. Why do you have to talk about chores? Well, we think it’s important to lay out expectations right from the start. We often find that couples are on two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to handling household responsibilities. 

So if you’ve found the love of your life, have these tough conversations before you get engaged! It’ll help ensure they stay the love of your life forever! 🙂

Before You Get Engaged: 6 Important Topics to Address