Bridal Sessions

Here at Three Twenty Studio, all of our wedding collections come with a complimentary engagement session. Only our highest collection includes a bridal portrait session. Are you teetering between our Luxe and Grand collections because you aren’t sure you want bridal portraits? Here are 3 reasons we think bridal sessions are essential for your wedding!

Your Wedding Gown

You’ve had your dream dress pinned on Pinterest for years, and now you finally have your hands on it. It fits you perfectly, and it’s everything you could’ve imagined and more. Now everything is ready for you to wear it for ONE DAY. That’s right. In reality, you will probably never wear your wedding dress again. You paid good money for this beautiful gown, you might as well get some great pictures of it. During bridal sessions there will be time to get the full length shots to see how beautiful it lays on you, the details of the lace, beading, or any other unique qualities of your dress, and the veil or headpiece if you have one. While, ideally, these photos could be captured on a wedding day as well, it’s not always a guarantee because of the timeline of the day.

The Hair and Makeup Trial

Bridal sessions are the perfect opportunity to have your hair and makeup trial done as well. You can easily coordinate this with your hair and makeup artists and your photographer. Maybe the lipstick just looks too dark in photos? Or maybe you realized having your hair down doesn’t let you show off the back of your dress? You can see how you look and feel in the makeup and the hairstyle you have chosen and make sure any last minute changes don’t need to be made. This also can apply for any last minute wedding dress fittings.

Decor at The Wedding

Most brides have a few of their favorite bridal portraits printed out and framed on the guestbook or gift tables at the wedding, and it looks so good! Some even have them showcased on a beautiful stand. Check them out below.

If none of these reasons have convinced you to consider a bridal portrait session, well, then you really must not want one and can continue about your day as if this blog never happened 😉

Bridal Sessions: 3 Reasons to Help You Decide