Engagement Session Locations

We offer engagements in all of our collections and one question we get all the time is where should we take our engagement photos? Our number one suggestion is to choose a place that’s meaningful for you and your fiancé. Things like the location of your first date or where the two of you met. However, not everyone met somewhere they’d like to take photos at. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some great session locations to consider for your engagement session!

Downtown Session Locations

These locations make for great scenery. There’s usually a mix of fun, vibrant colors, greenery, and even some flowers! It’s also a fun opportunity to explore your local downtown area a bit!

Park Sessions

We love shooting at parks because they’re typically free to shoot at and have a ton of different landscapes. For example, Foutainebleau State Park is a great location because you can get a beachy vibe, swampy vibe, and 100% louisiana vibe all in one place!

College Campus Sessions

Everyone thinks of college campuses as a place for senior portraits, but don’t dismiss them for engagements! For example, Southeastern and LSU are beautiful engagement session locations!

Engagement Session Locations