Wedding Film

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you will want to capture as much as you can. A wedding film will let that day live on forever. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life! Hiring a videographer will help you relive that moment over and over again.

You will be very busy with all that goes on during your wedding day. Your wedding videographer will capture all the important parts and create a film you can cherish forever. Your wedding film will capture the before the wedding fun and jitters, the ceremony with your vows and first kiss, the reception of your first dance as a married couple and the awesome party right after! You will have all the memories in still pictures and in your mind, but it is so special to also be able to rewatch those memories in motion.

Unfortunately, not all of the guests you invite to your wedding will be able to attend. A film of the wedding is a great substitution for them to feel like they were a part of your big day! Your kids may also be able to experience the memory one day. Also, watching this film can become an anniversary tradition for you and your spouse every year. 

Who hasn’t ALWAYS dreamed of becoming an actor and staring in a movie? Well a wedding film is a perfect opportunity to star in your own movie with all of your family and friends! You become the main character of an important film that you can watch hundreds of times like your favorite movie! 

We hope these few thoughts have helped you decide that you want a wedding videographer to be there on your special day and film your personal movie. Oh and guess what! Three Twenty Studio offers many Videography packages, and we would live to film your special day! So reach out 🙂

Why You Should Have a Wedding Film