7 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives You’ll Love

We have been to a lot of weddings and have seen a lot of different ways to decorate. A very important staple for your wedding is the guest sign-in book to record all of the people who attended your wedding. However, often when it’s time to look back on your big day, you just have a few pages in a book of names and a ton of empty pages. What if there’s another way? Well, don’t worry, in this blog we have seven guest book alternatives for you! 


All of the people who attend your wedding are a big piece of your day! Have your guests sign a puzzle piece, and at the end, all of the pieces come together to make a beautiful puzzle! This is such a sentimental and unique way to remember those in attendance and you’re sure to treasure it forever.

Engagement photo album

Another cute alternative to a guest sign-in book is printing a photo album of your engagement photos. It is a good way to put those photos to use and all of your guests will be able to enjoy those pictures while they are signing the book. When you are looking back on the album you can also see all of the people who attended your wedding. 


If you and your partner are adventurous and traveling is dear to your hearts, a cool alternative to a guest book is for your guests to sign a globe. It will be such a cool decoration in your home and something you will always remember when taking trips!

Cornhole boards

One of our favorite alternative guest sign-in’s we have seen, are having your guests sign a cornhole board. Everytime you two play cornhole, it will bring back memories from your wedding night!


A beautiful decoration for your future home can be a canvas or board that can be signed by everyone who attended. It can have your initials and date on it, and everyone signs around it so whenever you pass by it in your home, you feel all the love from that night.

Polaroid book

A polaroid is a vintage way to take your pictures. Your guests can take a polaroid of them and stick it into a book so you can have a photo album and a little note of everyone who celebrated on the big day!

Heart drop 

This is one of the sweetest sign-in’s we have seen. Guests place small wooden hearts they’ve signed into a shadow box, and then you can see through the box everyone who shared their love on that special day.

You will always want to remember who was there supporting you on the most important day of your life, and we think these cute ideas can make you treasure that small sentiment even more! 

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