Preparing for Senior Session

Previously, we have discussed whether or not a senior session is right for you. (And we think they are!) If you decided that you are going to, what now? Well, it’s always important to be prepared for your upcoming session. So if you are curious as to how you prepare for your senior session, here’s what we suggest!

Plan out your outfits

When it comes to your senior session, you’ll likely want to have an outfit change. But what should you wear? One great idea is to think about your senior portraits as one season coming to a close and another season beginning. So, if you’re graduating from high school, you might want to include your letterman, sports uniform, or another one of your favorite hobbies, like golfing or fishing. You’ll also want to look into the future and can think about including what your life holds next. Whether that be your current or future job or college swag! It’s always a good idea to include a more formal outfit to put on under your graduation gown.

Know your senior session props

A few of the things mentioned above can double as props, like your letterman jacket or a golf club. But think outside the box. Props can be anything from your track shoes, a baseball or glove, or even your pup! Whatever you use for your senior session, choose props that represent your personality and make you feel comfortable.

Have an open mind

Our last tip is to have an open mind and trust the photographer you’re working with. Whether you decide to work with Three Twenty Studio or not, you chose your photographer because you like them and their work. So when it comes time to step a little out of your comfort zone, do it. You never know, you just might have fun 🙂

Your Senior Session: How To Be Prepared