Complimentary Sessions

Here, at Three Twenty Studio, we have a few different collections for wedding photography. They vary by the number of hours and number of photographers, but they all have one thing in common: our collections include complimentary portrait sessions.

You might be thinking “We don’t need an engagement or bridal session.” But we highly encourage taking advantage of the complimentary session(s)! Our complimentary session(s) are not factored into the collection pricing. This means there is no discount if you decide to opt out of them. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why our collections include complimentary sessions and why you would benefit from them.

#1: Getting to Know Your Photographer

Fun fact! You will spend more time with your photographer than your significant other on your wedding day. That’s kind of mind-blowing. With that in mind, it’s so important that you feel comfortable around your photographer. Having a session before-hand gives you the opportunity to experience the dynamic between you guys and your photographer. This way on your wedding day you’ll already be familiar and comfortable around them. 

#2: Setting up a Consistent Style

You might’ve already had engagement photos taken, but having engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer will ensure that the edit styles match. So, when you print those photos and display them in your house, they will look cohesive with one another!

#3: Do it for the ‘rents

A bridal session might not be your cup-of-tea, but mothers and grandmothers always love them! Honestly, a lot of our brides do the bridal session just because their mom made them. The bride is almost never regrets it! There’s even more reasons to do a bridal session in this blog here

We understand that you’re trying to stick to a wedding budget, and are curious if there’s any way to pinch pennies when it comes to wedding photography (it never hurts to ask). The good news is that we’ve already done the penny pinching for you and offer beautiful, sentimental, and fun wedding photography at an affordable price!

Why Our Collections Include Complimentary Sessions