The poses are the most important part! We can’t have you hop in the photo booth and freeze up with no idea how to pose. Before your next event with The Studio Photo Booth, we wanted to help out with 30 of the best photo booth poses! Whether you hop in for a crazy one with your best friends or an intimate pose with your partner, you will find the perfect pose here!

  1. Charlie’s Angels 

Throw those guns up! For this pose you will need one person in the middle and two others to go back to back on either side and throw up the finger guns. This is a popular reenactment of the gun pose from the movie Charlie’s Angels!

  1. Peace Signs
Photo Booth Pose - The Peace Sign
  1. Everybody Jump, Jump

On the count of one everybody jumps! 3…2…1, JUMP! 

  1. The Gunshow 

Pump up those muscles and flex as hard as you can to show off those guns!  

Careful not to let out a toot…

  1. Be A Gangsta 
Photo Booth Pose - Be a Gangsta
  1. Blow Some Kisses

Anyone and everyone will need to blow a sweet kiss to the camera!

  1. Kiss On The Cheek 
Photo Booth Pose - Kiss on the cheek
  1. The Dab 

The famous dab pose… everyone knows that right?! Well if not, put your face in your inner elbow and the other arm stick straight out to the side!

  1. Hearts

One makes half a heart and the other joins their half together to make the heart complete!

  1. The Big Kiss
Photo Booth Pose - Big Kiss
  1. Conga Train

A group of people line up facing one way and put arms on the person’s shoulders in front of you!

  1. The Sandwich Kiss
Photo Booth Pose - Sandwich Kiss
  1. YMCA

This one is easy! You need four people and each person holds up a Y, M, C, or A to spell out YMCA!

  1. The Prom Pose
Photo Booth Pose - Prom Pose
  1. Hear, Speak, And See No Evil

You know, the three monkeys where one covers their ears, one covers their mouth, and the other covers their eyes. 

  1. Fake A Selfie

Someone grab their phone and fake a selfie while you’re already taking a picture… brilliant!

  1. Mad Faces Only
Photo Booth Pose - Mad Face
  1. Totem Pole

The shortest will get on their knees and everyone else will stack their heads on top.

  1. Show Off The Bling

Show off those gorgeous rings, or show off that you don’t have that bling yet 🙁

  1. Make A Silly Face
Photo Booth Pose - Silly Faces
  1. Under The Sea

Hold your nose and snorkel, make a fish face and use your hands as fins, or just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

  1. Fake Fight 

Throw those hands, but just a fake punch so there are no black eyes!

  1. Thumbs Up 
Photo Booth Pose - Thumbs Up
  1. Piggyback Ride

One person hops on the other person’s back, but you better not drop them!

  1. Sorority Pose
Photo Booth Pose - Sorority Pose
  1. Favorite Animal

Everybody acts like their favorite animal! Maybe it’s a lion, tiger, bear…. oh or a chicken!

  1. Cheers! 
Photo Booth Pose - Cheers
  1. Where’s The Camera?

Super silly, but everybody will look in every other direction but the camera.

  1. Emoji 

Think of your favorite face emoji and reenact it the best way you can! 

  1. And Of Course, Any And All The Props 
Photo Booth Pose - Props
Photo Booth Pose - All Props
Photo Booth Pose - Any Props

The good thing about The Studio Photo Booth is you get unlimited photos at your event, so you can try ALL 30 of these poses! How fun, right? We can’t wait to see all those poses you try out and how much fun we know you will have!

30 Photo Booth Poses That You’ll Love