Getting Ready

Tying the knot is most likely the most important thing that will happen on your wedding day, but getting ready with your bride tribe will be the most fun part of the day! You are all waking up super early to get your glam on and sip on some mimosas. Of course you want to be cute and comfy while doing that. And you know those photographers will come knocking on the door to crash the party, so you want to be prepared for your photos. There are so many questions you may have about getting ready, so we have come to the rescue and answered a few for you!

What should we wear while getting ready?

There are so many great options when choosing a getting ready outfit for you and the girls, there are just a few things to keep in mind before purchasing them. Make sure it can be unbuttoned or have a wide neck so you won’t mess up the makeup and hair that was just perfected! Some great choices are pajama sets, robes, flannels, or off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. You can get yourself the outfit in white and the rest matching colors, different designs, or even personalized monograms. There are so many choices so make sure to have fun when picking them out!

What should we wear under our getting ready outfits?

Let’s be real… when you’re putting those spanks on, you may break a sweat getting them in place. To avoid sweating your makeup off, try to put those spanks on that morning. If you have a low cut dress in the front or back, make sure to not wear a bra the day of so you don’t have strap marks when you take it off to put your dress on.

What do I need to do to get ready for getting ready photos? 

Your photographer is coming to capture the moment so don’t worry about needing everything to be perfect, but there are a few things that will help those photos come out great! Picking up unnecessary clutter will help when photo time comes around. A good natural light space will be the best for photos of the cute matching outfits everyone will have on. Be sure to have all the accessories ready that you want photographed, such as your invitation, ring, shoes, jewelry, champagne, or confetti. And last but not least, have those jams playing to keep a light and fun atmosphere!

What can I not forget to do before getting dressed?

We have heard of too many horror stories of something happening or not getting done when it’s rush time of getting dressed, so we have a few things to check off before you put the important outfit on. Deodorant and makeup stains are not the end of the world, but there is no use to stress about that. Just make sure to put deodorant on and perfect your makeup before sliding into your dress. Remember to brush those teeth so the toothpaste won’t mess up your lipstick or drip on anything important. And be sure not to forget to remove any accessories, such as ponytails, bracelets, or other jewelry you will not be wearing with your dress.

Most important thing to remember during this getting ready time is to relax and have fun! This should be a time where you can chill with your girls before the night begins!

Getting Ready: What To Do Before You Get Married