Prime Lenses

Here at Three Twenty Studio we love our Canon cameras. Likewise, we also love the different types of lenses we use with our cameras! Today, we wanted to let you in on our 4 must-have prime lenses for Canon.

 50 millimeter f/1.8

50 mm

First off, we are talking about the “Nifty 50.” The 50 millimeter f/1.8 is a great lens for any photographer. Beginners need this versatile lens! It’s not too expensive and has a beautiful quality that is almost as good as its pricier counterparts. This is what we started off with at Three Twenty Studio shooting weddings and portraits. However, we now us the 50mm f/1.4. It’s a little more expensive but the quality of the glass allows for more crisp photos. The aperture goes down to f/1.4 if we need that for lower light situations or if we want to get a more shallow depth of field. All-around, the 50mm is just too good to pass up! 

85 millimeter f/1.8

85 mm

Our next go-to lens is Danielle’s personal favorite: the 85 millimeter f/1.8! It’s a little pricier than the 50 millimeter so it took us a little while to save up for this one. But holy moly, is it worth it! It’s a little more zoomed in, but if you have the space to shoot, this lens is incredible. It is so crisp, the background of your photos will look so creamy, and the bokeh is on point. We cannot say enough about this lens! The only con is you can’t use it in tight spaces because of that zoom, but other than that it is a must-have!

28 millimeter f/1.8

28 mm

Next one up is the 28 millimeter f/1.8. You might be thinking “Oh, this is kind of a random lens.” Most photographers go for that 35 millimeter. We found that the 35 millimeter was a little higher in price than we needed at the time. We were also looking for a wider lens and thought that the 35mm might have been too close to the 50mm. So we decided to go with the 28mm to provide a wider range of focal length to our arsenal. And once we tried it out, it turned out that we loved it! It’s our go-to wide-angle lens for tight areas. It really comes in handy at weddings and is great for getting ready spaces. It also allows for some super creative compositions with your landscape and subject! Just be careful if you decide to take portraits with this lens. If you are really close up it can distort the face. But that’s another one of our must-have prime lenses!

100 millimeter f/2.8

100 mm

Lastly we want to talk about the macro lens that we just got. It’s a 100 millimeter f/2.8. This one is actually not a canon lens. All of the others mentioned have been Canon, but we went with Tokina for this one. This one was a more comfortable price point and we’ve gotten another Tokina lens and we really liked the quality for the price! We use this for our detail shots at weddings like the ring, shoes, and cufflinks. It provides a really nice zoom along with a really pretty depth of field. We shoot weddings just about every other weekend, so this one is definitely a must-have for us. 

We have plenty of other lenses, both prime and telephoto, we use for so different occasions. But we’ll touch on those in the future!

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4 Must-Have Prime Lenses for Canon