Editing Nikon Photos

At Three Twenty Studio, we have all Canon gear. We shoot both photo and video with either a Canon 5d Mark IV or a Canon C100. That being said, there are occasions when we may have a second shooter with us that shoots with Nikon. For some Canon photographers this might be a little troublesome when it comes to editing and matching the Nikon photos to the Canon photos, but we have come up with a solution!

We’ve tried googling this so many times, but apparently it’s not commonly talked about or we just haven’t found the right resource. The camera profile we shoot on is Camera Faithful. We find that it produces fairly true skin tones, and that’s what we love! We always make sure to change the profile in Lightroom as well. The problem comes when we can’t change a Nikon photo to Camera Faithful because that’s not a Nikon camera profile.

The workaround or solution that we have found is making a preset that mimics the look of our Canon edit. This required a good bit of tinkering and tweaking. Once we got it right, it made editing both Nikon and Canon flawlessly efficient. The Camera Faithful profile tends to have a bit more contrast, and the shadows tend to take on a reddish hue. With this in mind, the adjustments we make to Nikon photos goes as follows: 

  • (under the Basic tab) We change the profile in Lightroom to Adobe Color 
  • (under the Color Grading tab) We have the shadows set to H:356 S:10 L:0
  • And that’s it!

So now when we edit, we apply the preset we normally use on the Canon photos and our updated preset to the Nikon photos. The normal amount of editing required is applied to both Canon and Nikon to match each other such as white balance and exposure, and then we export and are good to go! We hope this helped you if you’re trying to match photos taken with different brands of cameras. If you have any more insight into this or questions regarding this topic, we’d love to hear from you!

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Editing Nikon Photos to match our Canon Photos