wedding color

Maybe you have known the colors of your wedding since you imagined it as a little girl, or maybe it will be one of the hardest decisions you will make for your wedding. You know your girls will look good in anything, but you just keep going back and forth, huh? We have done a little research and found the wedding colors trending which will hopefully help you make the best choice!

The mix of light colors

A very boho go-to look is to decide on a color scheme and have your bridesmaid dresses and decorations follow the different colors. The pops of color can be very appealing to the eye and a very unique look! 

Mix of Colors


A pink color matches well with anything. It is a color that looks great on everyone and can be found in multiple shades and many different styles. Black or navy suits for the groom and groomsmen will look great with this. As for decorations, gold pairs very well with pinks shades. It can be paired with any theme you’re going for. 



Greens can look earthy and light. Whether it’s a sage, olive, or emerald green, they all are beautiful and will match well with your white dress! It is a huge trend to use greenery as decoration and a green shade bridesmaid dresses will match very well. These shades will look perfect with navy or black!

Green Wedding Colors


Can be a pretty color in any season and can be paired with anything. There are so many different shades of blue that you can choose from or mix it up and get a few different color blues for a unique look. It is such a classic wedding look and will always look good with navy or gray suits!



A pattern is a big trend going on right now. It is mostly seen in spring or summer months but is great for matching colors with! It may also be a dress your bridesmaids will want to wear again!

Floral Pattern


This is a great option for a fall or winter wedding. It is such a romantic color that pairs beautifully with your white dress. You can go simple with your colors and just pair it with green, navy, or gray, or go really bold with bright colors! 

Maroon Wedding Colors

We are loving these trends, and they all look so good in photos! We hope this made your decision a little easier, and you fall in love with your colors! Next step, finding the perfect dresses and suits! Click here for more great tips on making your wedding day perfect!

Wedding Colors That’ll Look Great On Your Big Day