You don’t like the idea of the garter toss, or maybe you think the bouquet toss is a little old-fashioned. Don’t worry, we get it! There are other fun and creative alternatives to consider for your wedding. Maybe you just want to spice things up! Three Twenty Studio has worked a lot of weddings and we’ve seen some good bouquet and garter toss alternatives! Here are 5 other fun options that are great to pass the time at the reception.

Do an anniversary dance as aouquet and Garter Toss Alternatives

The bouquet and garter toss is a great event to show all those single people some love. Don’t forget about the married couples though! They should commended too. Have the DJ ask all the married couples to come to the dance floor. As they dance together, the DJ will call out 1 year…  7 years… 32 years, etc. They will eliminate each couple based on the number of years they have been married. The couple with the longest marriage will be the last couple standing, and they will win the game! The couple with the longest marriage will be the last couple standing, and they will win the game!Normally the newly married couple can ask the winning couple to share their best marriage advice. You can even award the winners with the bouquet! It is such a sweet idea to honor all the married couples and you even get some veteran advice out of it!

Anniversary Dance Bouquet and garter alternative

Cake pull

Another super cute alternative is to get a few of your close single girl friends to do a cake pull. For this you have multiple small charms tied to a string and placed in the cake. All the girls will gather around the cake to pull their charm that indicates different prizes, such as, good fortune, love, health. It is such a sweet way to incorporate some of your favorite girls! 

Cake Pull Alternative to bouquet and garter toss

Money dance

A great way to get all of your guests involved is to have a money dance. The new couple will dance with any guests that want to dance and the guest will make a donation to the new couple for their future. It is a great way to catch up with a lot of the guests that are in attendance and for them to show their congratulations to the newlyweds.

Money Dance

The shoe game

The shoe game is always a great one to play that everyone enjoys. The Bride and Groom will sit back-to-back and use one of each other’s shoes and one of their own to answer the questions. There will be a series of questions called out about the couple’s relationship, such as, “who is the better cook”, “who drives better”, and they will answer either themselves or their partner by holding up the correct shoe. 

Shoe game alternative

Throw something different

There is always an option of throwing an alternative object. A cute “play” on the event is to get a big plastic diamond ring and throw it to the women so you don’t have to give up your flowers. An option the men can do is attach the boutonnière or some money to a football and chunk it into the single men crowd. And the person who catches those items will be the next to get married!

Of course you don’t need to have anything at all. You can just use that time to show off your best dance moves. Just pick something that you and your partner will enjoy doing whether that is dancing the night away or enjoying one of these silly games, your guests will enjoy anything! 

5 Bouquet and Garter Toss Alternatives