When preparing for any session at a location we’ve never photographed at before, we like to do some research and look for inspiration from other sessions done at that location. This helps give us a good idea of some key areas of the location to photograph at. When searching for bridal sessions at The Sadie Jane had turned up nearly nothing, we just knew we had to blog about this. Well, after Kayla’s super fun and adorable bridal session fit for a princess was done, we just knew these definitely had to be shared with the world!

Of course, we had to start at the beautiful balcony and staircase in the bridal suite area inside The Sadie Jane. The window on the opposite side of it provided the best natural light while the chandeliers in the background added the perfect amount of glitter and romance. The great thing about photographing at The Sadie Jane is that there’s beautiful spaces inside and outside, so there’s no worries if the weather isn’t ideal for photographing outside.

Luckily for us, the weather was great, so we were able to get some outside shots as well! The backside of the barn at The Sadie Jane opens up to the golf course, and there’s also a nice, whimsical swing out there as well. We brought along our beloved peacock chair (there’s a fun story about this for another time), and boy are we glad we did because Kayla looked like a princess in that bad boy.

Kayla brought a lot of her own idea to the table, and we were not mad at that at all! To end the session, we headed back upstairs in front of the window to get some dramatic shots of her sitting and laying in her dress.

Kayla’s Bridal Session at The Sadie Jane