Unique Wedding Favors

Deciding on wedding favors can be a tough decision to make… Do you get them? Is it worth it? We think they’re pretty awesome to have at your wedding and it serves as a tangible memory for your guests to remember the celebration. There are thousands of ideas you can choose from, but here are a few of our favorite unique wedding favors! And if you’re wondering, yes we’ve even taken some home for ourselves 😉

Unique Wedding Favors Dog/Cat Treats

Dog/Cat Treats

If you are a pet lover, like us, this favor is pawfect, lol. Whether your pet is able to attend the wedding or not, have their favorite treats or toys as favors to go home with the guests to their doggy or kitty friends. It is a unique and thoughtful favor that everyone will love! 

Unique Wedding Favors Plants


“Watch Love Grow” is the line we see most often with plant favors, and we think it is the sweetest thing! It is such a good idea and can be an inexpensive way to send your guests home with a really nice favor. 

Unique Wedding Favors Coffee


Who doesn’t loveee some coffee? Have “the perfect blend” for your guests to take home to enjoy and remember the day with every sip. This may be our favorite favor we have taken home!

Unique Wedding Favors Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Whether they’re your grandma’s Italian cookies, or the fancy iced sugar cookies with the custom decorations, every single person will enjoy having a treat to take home and eat later. 

Unique Wedding Favors Pepper Jelly/Honey

Pepper Jelly/Honey

This is a yummy favor! Mom’s homemade pepper jelly will spice up your guests night or Dad’s fresh honey can leave everyone with a sweet smile. And you can pair it with a  cute miniature honeycomb stick or spoon attached to the jar. This is a personal favor your guests will definitely put to use… maybe even the next day!

Unique Wedding Favors Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer/Face masks

Of course the time we are in, everyone will enjoy another hand sanitizer or personal face mask. You can never have enough of those! Everyone can be reminded to “Spread love, not germs” when they sanitize or mask up. 

Unique Wedding Favors Blankets


If you’re having a winter wedding and are looking for something to give your guests, a cozy blanket is the way to go! Your guests can feel “covered in love” and have a favor they can use forever! 

We’re sure your ceremony will be beautiful and your reception will be a hit, so end the day by sending your guests off with something they will love and appreciate. It is such a sweet gesture to give your guests who have come to celebrate your big day!

Unique Wedding Favors To Have At Your Wedding