A lifestyle newborn session is the perfect way to show the natural, intimate connection you have with your new baby. It’s an opportunity to relax, and soak in your bundle of joy! If you’re looking for a way to capture photos of your newborn, we’re going to let you in on why we absolutely love lifestyle newborn sessions! 

Before we tell you all the great things, let’s define what exactly a lifestyle newborn session is. A lifestyle newborn session is with your newborn and your entire family (dogs included!) at your home. If possible, we like to photograph in the nursery, bedroom, and living room! This helps tell the story of your family and capture the connection you share with each other. Now that you know what a lifestyle newborn session is, let’s jump into why we love them!

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions Are Convenient

One of the best parts of a lifestyle newborn session is that it takes place in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about going anywhere, Three Twenty Studio comes to you. All you have to do is determine what you’ll be wearing and you’re all set! 

They’re Flexible

Another great thing is that these sessions work around your availability! Ideally these sessions happen within 2 weeks of birth, but as long as you’re within a month of birth, you’re good to go! You can even get on our schedule for a tentative date so you don’t have to hurry and book right after you get home from the hospital. 

They’re Low-pressure

Our lifestyle newborn sessions are 2-hours. And while that might sound like forever, we do that so you and your family don’t feel pressure from time constraints during your session. It gives us the opportunity to go slow, take our time, and for you and your baby to take breaks, if needed. These breaks can be for feedings, diaper changes, or if you just need to settle your sweet little one.

They’re Special

There’s just something extra special about having photos of your precious newborn shortly after they are born. They give you the perfect way to look back on these sweet moments and remember what it felt like to bring home that bundle of joy. 

They’re Not…

In this blog we talked a lot about what lifestyle newborn sessions are, now let’s talk a little about what they’re not. 

  • They’re not traditional newborn photos that include your little one in a basket, bowl or other props. 
  • They’re not in a studio. As mentioned above, they take place in the comfort of your own home. 
  • They don’t use any props or special outfits. Your baby wears what they’d wear at home. 
  • They’re not highly posed by us; your baby is swaddled and comfortable the whole time! 

The last thing we want to go over is when to schedule your session. We mentioned earlier that you should book within one month of birth, but when should you actually get on our schedule? If you’re wanting a lifestyle newborn session, we recommend booking a tentative date about a week after your expected due date. As your session gets closer, our team will reach out and confirm your session. If we need to adjust your session time or date, that’s no problem at all! 

What We Love About Lifestyle Newborn Sessions