RSVP cards with your stationery

As you start to plan your wedding, one important detail to consider is whether or not you should send RSVP cards. While it may seem like a small detail, the RSVP process can actually have a big impact on wedding planning. It can also have an impact on your budget. Here’s what you need to know about RSVP cards and how to decide whether or not you should include them with your wedding stationery.

What is an RSVP card?

First, let’s define what an RSVP card is. RSVP stands for “répondez s’il vous plaît,” which is French for “please respond.” An RSVP card is a small card that is included with your wedding invitation. This card allows your guests to let you know whether or not they will be attending your wedding. 

While this may seem small, knowing this information as you plan your wedding is extremely helpful! It allows you to confirm how many people will be attending. Knowing that Info helps you make final arrangements with your venue and catering.

So, do you need to send RSVP cards with your wedding stationery? The short answer is: we think so!.  

Here are a few reasons why:

  • RSVP cards help you get an accurate headcount. As mentioned above, having an accurate headcount is important for making final arrangements with your venue and catering. Without an accurate headcount from RSVP cards, how will you know how much food you’ll need? 
  • RSVP cards help you plan for any special accommodations. If you have guests with special needs (such as dietary restrictions or mobility issues), it is important to know in advance. This will help you make any necessary arrangements.
  • RSVP cards show respect for your guests. Sending RSVP cards with your wedding invitations, you are showing your guests that you value their time and presence at your wedding. It is a polite way to request their response and helps you plan accordingly.

Now, there are a few situations where you might not need to send RSVP cards with your wedding stationery. For example, if you are having a very small, intimate wedding where you have frequent contact with all of your guests, you may not need RSVP cards. If you aren’t paying for food by the head and your venue doesn’t have any capacity restrictions, having a guest count might not matter.

Including RSVP cards with stationery can allow for a better overall wedding experience. It can also significantly improve the quality of your big day. While it may not be required, it is a great idea to consider including them for you and your guests!

RSVP Cards With Your Wedding Stationery