If you’ve started a new small business or plan to, you know that organization can be hard. Luckily, there are a ton of tools out there that make it easy and stress free, but that can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of free apps that we believe every business needs!

Project management for small business

If you’re looking for a clean and streamlined way to manage all of your projects, Asana is going to be your new best friend. With Asana, you have the ability to share projects and tasks across an entire team. When you create a new task in Asana, you can give it an assignee, establish a due date, write a description for that task, and even create entire lists of subtasks within it.

It’s also incredibly easy to stay organized and on track with Asana! Every member of your team has access to tasks assigned to them and a calendar showing exactly when those tasks are due. However, we should mention that if your company consists of 6 employees or more, it does require you to pay for their service.

Small business invoicing + expenses

Keeping track of your finances and invoicing properly is important for any small business because, let’s face it, it’s how you get paid. It’s also incredibly important when it comes to tax time. Having the ability to quickly create a profit and loss statement makes tax time much less stressful. 

That’s why an app like Wave is a great resource for your business! Wave makes it incredibly easy to create estimates and invoices for your customers. All of your invoice information is saved across your account and can be accessed anywhere with their free mobile app. It will also help you track expenses, take payments online, and generate quick reports. 

It’s been a while since we’ve used Wave but when I used it, I loved it. At Three Twenty Studio we use an invoicing and CRM software called Dubsado. We love it and if you’re interested, you can find videos about Dubsado here. And if you want to give dubsado a try, you can get a 20% discount on your first month or year by using this link!

Banking for your small business

With any new business, organizing money is a necessity to keep things running smoothly. That’s why we recommend using Novo specifically for your small business. Novo offers next level banking with no monthly fees, built-in security, and card controls!

One of our favorite features of Novo is their reserves. A reserve allows you to set money aside for certain things. You can also set a percentage of each deposit to automatically go into a reserve. This is helpful for setting aside money for taxes, payroll, owner compensation, or profits! Novo is a fully online banking service and, even though you have the ability to make mobile deposits, we recommend having a local brick and mortar bank to go to just in case.

Scheduling and timesheets

If you’re looking to hire or already have a team of employees for your business, having a place to keep track of your team’s hours is crucial. Homebase allows your employees to submit and change when they’re available to work, clock in and out, and request time off. As a boss or manager, you can create team schedules and keep track of their times. 

When it’s payday, Homebase will tell you exactly how much each employee earned in the pay period. And if you do decide to switch to Homebase’s paid service, running payroll is a breeze! Literally with a few clicks, you can run payroll and submit it for direct deposit. They’ll also take care of paying employee taxes for you!

While these apps might not run your business altogether, they successfully tackle huge necessities without tacking on countless fees to your budget! Give them a try, and let us know what you think! 

Small Business Apps to Help Your Business Run Efficiently