As a photographer, a good workflow is important after any project, including a wedding. So, we’re gonna let you in on what our post-wedding process is like! Let’s get right into it!

Backing Up Our Photos

Once we’ve shot a wedding and unpacked gear, we first want to make sure all the photos are safe and secure! The very first thing we do is upload them directly from the SD card to our Synology server before we do anything else. In case you were wondering, we’ve named it Effie! All client projects are stored there and projects for the past two years are backed to our GoogleCloud. 

Once everything is backed up, we’ll move the files to a Samsung external solid state drive. This drive is where our working files for the project will live from now on, this way it’s easy for any team member to pick up where another left off. We then store the SD card with the photos in our “in process” bin, and don’t delete them until the project is done, delivered, and re-backed up to Effie! That’s right. Before we even start editing, our photos live in THREE different places. You may call it overkill, we call it being extra safe!

Culling and Editing

Now that our photos aren’t going missing anytime soon, we can deliver a few sneak peeks for our clients. For our post-wedding process we like to cull our photos with Photo Mechanic. It builds quality previews of our RAW images in almost no time. It also includes any metadata we need when we pull them back over to Lightroom

Wedding sneak peeks usually include key moments from the wedding day. For instance, we like to include a family photo or two, the first kiss, and maybe even the cake cutting at the reception. And we like to throw a few of our favorite pictures from the wedding in there as well! Now we just wait until it’s time to edit the whole gallery! And this process isn’t all that different. Yet again, we use photo mechanic to cull the rest of the gallery and pull those images into lightroom to finish the editing. 

Delivering the Photos

Once those photos are edited and ready for review, we upload them to our gallery provider, Cloudspot. To approve them for delivery they are first sent over to Dylan to look over and if he approves, he sends them over to Tiffany for review. If either one of them has edits, it’s sent back to editing and the review process is repeated. 

When the photos are approved, we’re ready to send them off to our client. We usually send them an email that includes their gallery as well as a video we created that shows them a step-by-step process on how to download their photos from Cloudspot.

That concludes our post-wedding process! Interested in what we do here at Three Twenty Studio? Check out our YouTube Channel and blog for more content like this!

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Our Post-Wedding Process for Photographers