Wilkinson Painting Rebrand


My Dad painted for North Oaks Hospital for 23 years, and ten years ago he decided to start up his own company, Wilkinson Painting. When he started, he didn’t really have the budget to worry about branding or a website. He was just trying to get jobs to provide for his family, and ten years ago I was only 13 and certainly not a designer.

One of the first things my Dad did was buy him a cargo trailer. Once he had that, he headed over to a vinyl sign shop and had the words “Wilkinson Painting, LLC Licensed & Insured” and his phone number plastered on both sides and the back. The vinyl shop did a great job, don’t get me wrong, but their design didn’t really work as a logo.  We also didn’t have the digital file. Once I started getting into design and taking a few classes, I decided to go ahead and vectorize his logo. So I went outside, took a picture of his trailer, and redrew what was on there. This now gave us the ability to put that design on his business cards and letterhead, but it still wasn’t quite right for a logo.

Fast forward to the present. I’ve been in the design industry for a decent amount of time, and since I’ve graduated, I’ve been talking to my dad about rebranding. At first he was pretty reluctant, but after some time and convincing he decided to do it. I talked to Dad about his company, his customer base, and his vision and came up with the following:

The problem

Dad didn’t really have a brand identity at all. If you looked at his trailer, business cards, letterhead, and other print collateral there was no consistency. It was kind of just whatever my mom or I could make at the time. Whether that be via VistaPrint, a random pen company, or photoshop as I progressed with design.

His Audience

Dad has a wide audience range. His audience is essentially everyone under the sun, because so many different types of people want to paint/repaint their house, apartment, office, etc. Dad has a lot of repeat customers and does very well by “word of mouth”.

His Goal

Dad’s goal is pretty simple. He wants to provide quality work and create “raving fans”.

My Approach
After I talked to Dad about his problem, audience, and goal I took to the sketch book. I knew he wanted to stay somewhat close to what he had on his trailer because he didn’t really want to replace it until he had to. He was open to pretty much anything though, and he gave me a lot of creative freedom.

When I started working on the logo for Wilkinson Painting I wanted to be sure it conveyed a few things. It needed to convey quality, confidence, and approachability. I started looking for typefaces. These typefaces not only had to match what was already on his trailer, but it also had to convey the right type of emotion. I also wanted “Wilkinson Painting” to stand out considerably against “licensed and insured”. I decided to go with PT Serif Bold as my typeface for “Wilkinson Painting” and Lato for “Licensed & Insured”. These two fonts are all that’s used, and they’re used throughout the brand.   

Once I figured out my typefaces I thought about the application of the logo and how it’d be used. I thought about if I wanted to have a logo mark that could stand alone. Obviously, from the name, people can gather that this is a painting company, but I wanted to make it a little more apparent. I wanted people to be able to know that this was a house painter, not a portrait painter, or any other type of artist. I solved this issue by using a logo mark. I thought maybe it should be a roller, roller pad, roller frame, paint brush, paint brush & roller frame, etc. The possibilities were endless, but I wanted to keep it simple and something that pretty much anyone could point out. I chose to go with two paint brushes crossing. I felt that this delivered the precise message we were looking for.

So now that I had the logo type and mark down I began to explore colors. I decided to conquer approachability through color. I chose to use warm colors throughout the brand for a two main reasons:

  1. They had the warm, approachable feeling I was going for.
  2. They’re bright and vibrant, just like a freshly painted home.

Now that my logo was pretty much done I thought about the different layout options. Should there be one logo, or primary, secondary, and tertiary logo options. I went with the following:

  • Primary: The name, “Wilkinson Painting” stacked over “Licensed & Insured” centered with the logo mark at the top
  • Secondary: The name laid out exactly like the primary, but this time with the logo mark to the left
  • Tertiary: The logo mark as a stand alone

Once I had everything nailed down I mocked it up and showed it to dad. I explained pretty much everything I wrote above. He loved it and didn’t have any changes. Since the approval of the logo, we’ve made a website and business cards. The site was launched February 21, 2017 and has seen great traffic. In fact, it has already led to one customer and shown ROI.