Practical, Inexpensive, and Beautiful Wedding Guest Books

update: parabo press no longer carries these books, but don’t worry because we are on a mission to find another comparable option!


Since Dylan and I have just gotten married and planned and paid for a wedding ourselves (with a little help from our parents), we decided to make a blog series of things that we’ve learned so that we can help out other couples that are trying to plan a wedding on a budget. We’re calling this “What We’ve Learned Wednesday” Our third topic in this series is about wedding guest books. If you missed our first two topics you can find them here and here.


You want a practical guest book, right? You also want a way to display your beautiful engagement photos. And don’t forget inexpensive! What better way to accomplish both of those things than to get a photo book of your engagement photos to use as a guest book at your wedding!

Our friends who recently got married had a beautiful guest book they had gotten off of Etsy that was filled with blank pages for people to sign. The problem with that was that only about 3 of the 50 pages had anything on them. 50 blank pages was just simply too much space to fill up.

When I found out Parabo Press had photo books I knew immediately that we would use this for our guestbook. They have 8” x 10” linen hardcover books that are 32 pages and fit 37 photos printed on luxe matte paper. This was perfect because the pages are designed to have your photos on them, but there is also enough white space left for people to sign.


The #1 pro of going this route? You have an excuse to order a photo book full of your engagement photos because you will be using it as a guest book at your wedding. A two for one if you will :)

I know you are probably going to ignore all this advice because it’s easier said after you’ve had your wedding, but if you did find this helpful then we are glad to have been of assistance. Be on the lookout for next week’s What We’ve Learned Wednesday. Sign up for our email list to get it sent to your email.


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