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The Three Twenty 15 Podcast was made by creatives for creatives. It’s a collaboration between Three Twenty Studio and It’s Larry G. Creations. In it, they strive to provide listeners with the skills, advice, and guidance they need to get their creative business off the ground. While focusing mainly on photography, it offers a little bit of something for all creatives and business owners. 

Episodes are released once a month and can be found wherever you listen to your podcasts. There's also a blog set up just for listeners and followers of the podcast where Dylan and Larry offer exclusive content, downloads, and keep the discussion going. 

About the hosts

Dylan Wilkinson |  Three Twenty Studio

Dylan Wilkinson | Three Twenty Studio

Dylan Wilkinson was born and raised in Loranger, Louisiana. He's experienced in photography, videography, marketing, music, and design. 

Larry George |  It's Larry G. Creations

Larry George II, also known as Larry G, is a Louisiana native experienced in photography, marketing, videography, and music.