As soon as you get engaged, the expectations and pressure begin. Wedding price tags are no joke, making it feel like you have little options. But once you remember the real reason for your wedding and every celebration associated with it, you will realize there are plenty of options! Your bachelorette party is meant to celebrate the good times with your favorite girls, so here are some ideas that focus on that quality time and not the price tag.

1. Take a class

Go online and look for a fun class to take with your girls. This can be anything from cooking or painting, to photography and dance. You can usually find great group rates by contacting the company or visiting Groupon. Ask if you can bring your own booze to make it a bit more fun!

2. Afternoon tea

Invite your girls over for a classic tea party. Ask everyone to get dressed in their Sunday best and spend some time sipping your favorite tea outside. Make some delicious finger sandwiches or tea cookies. Purchase some inexpensive tea cups or pots from a local discount store. This can be especially inexpensive if you make it all yourself!

3. Workout Together

Get in shape for your wedding with your girls! This can be anything from a Zumba or Pilates class to hiking or trail running. End your workout with some refreshing smoothies and a picnic for some quality time before your big day.

4. Staycation

We often forget about all the amazing sites in our very own backyard. Spend the weekend at a friends home or host all your girls for a weekend of popcorn, movies, and fun drinks. Spend the weekend gossiping, trying a new bar’s happy hour, or baking your favorite treats. Keep it local and keep everyone together. You will appreciate this quality time over the stress of spent cash.

5. DIY Party

No one needs to tell you weddings are ridiculously expensive. Which is why a DIY wedding has become increasingly popular. You may also notice people are eager to help and be a part of your big day! Bring everyone together for a DIY bachelorette party. Get help putting together your party favors, flowers, or decorations. Even if all the wedding work is done, DIY photo frames or other fun gifts for you girls to take home.

No matter what you and your girls are interested in, there are plenty of inexpensive bachelorette party ideas that will be fun for everyone. Remember, it is about spending some quality time with the ones you love and want to support you before your big day.

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Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas