You quickly discover once you get engaged all that goes into a wedding, but one part that shouldn’t be stressful is the bachelor and bachelorette parties . Some may feel the need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to make it the best night ever, but you don’t even need to leave your neighborhood. There are tons of ways to have a memorable night using inexpensive bachelorette party ideas and inexpensive bachelor party ideas, without having to dip into your wedding budget.

1. Get a Little Competitive

Challenge your friends to a game of pick up basketball, touch football, or paintball. If sports aren’t your thing try some poker or card games. You could make things a bit more interesting like loser buys a round of drinks or has to attend the rehearsal dinner in a dress.

2. Get Outside

Go on a hike, take a fishing trip, try out camping for the weekend, or visit a national park. One of your friends may have all the equipment you need bringing down the cost. Food can be inexpensive when everyone puts in a few bucks. Lastly, it can be a simple day trip or go all weekend!

3. Take a Tour

Ok, before you get too apprehensive, take a brewery or whiskey tour! There are tons local breweries and distilleries that offer cheap tours with included tastings. Impress the bridesmaids with your extensive knowledge about the drinks served at the wedding or just find a new favorite cocktail!

4. Sing or Laugh

While many bachelor parties can consist of expensive clubs, high priced booze, and an overpriced hotel bill, check out the entertainment that comes to you. There are always new comedians and bands visiting your local venues, so check calendars for cool listings in your area.

5. The Big Game

Take over a sports bar with your guys or have a big set up at your house watching your favorite sport. Just as if you were celebrating the Super Bowl, get a keg, make terrible junk food, invite everyone over, and get loud cheering for your team!

6. Celebrate Your Gaming Skills

Visit a video arcade or Dave & Busters where you and the guys can spend the night drinking and playing your favorite game. No arcades in your area? Have everyone bring over their favorite video game to finally find out who is the best.

A bachelor party is an awesome way to have some lasting memories with your guys and honor the ones who have supported you through every mistake until you found your bride. Celebrate them before you take the plunge, without breaking the bank.

Inexpensive Bachelor Party Ideas