Preparing for your engagement session is easier than you think. Engagement sessions are so much fun and we absolutely love them! Why might you ask? Well, it gives us the chance to photograph you before your big day! This is beneficial because you get a chance to get to know us, feel comfortable with us, and feel comfortable in front of the camera. When a bride books with us, we get quite a few questions about engagement sessions such as, “what should I expect my engagement session to be like” or “where should I take engagement photos”. But another question we often get is what should I do to prepare for my engagement session? If that’s your question, you’re in the right place! 

Plan out your outfits

Most of our engagement sessions are an hour long. This gives you the opportunity to do an outfit change. If you are planning on an outfit change, arrive at the session ready to go in your first outfit. That way, when you pull in all you’ll need to do is a quick hair and make-up check in the car before getting out. 

Know your props

Props are so much fun and so are pups. We love sessions when couples bring props or pups to help express their personalities. You might want a sign, empty picture frame, your best fur friend, or balloons. But whatever you choose, make sure you know what you’ll be using and that you have limited time. 

Pro Tip: Don’t feel pressured to use props! 🙂

Date Night

You’re already dressed up and already had loads of fun with your future spouse, so our suggestion is to keep the fun going even after your session is over! Make plans ahead of time to go watch a film, have a nice dinner, or just grab coffee together! 

Have an open mind

Our last tip is to have an open mind and trust your photographer. Whether you decide to work with Three Twenty Studio or not, you chose your photographer because you like them and their work. So when it comes time to step a little out of your comfort zone, do it. You never know, you might just surprise yourself! 

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Preparing for Your Engagement Session