There are a few things that each wedding-goer takes away from a reception: the music, the food, the drinks, and the cake. While a tried-and-true almond-flavored cake will likely be the star of the show, your groom’s cake is another opportunity to impress your guests with some variation. But, rather than throwing together another slab of icing and filling, here are a few alternate options for grooms’ cakes.

Macaroons Groom’s Cake

Groom's cake macaroon

These bite-sized cookies are great alternatives to your regular icing-and-filling cake. You can style them any way you like – whether that be on a tower, on a platter, or as part of another arrangement. Since they come in different colors, you can make them match your wedding’s color palette.

King Groom’s Cake

groom's king cake

If your wedding falls in the early months of the year, it could be the perfect time to make your groom’s cake a king cake. As many of us Lousianians know, king cakes are one of the signature foods of Mardi Gras season, and with different filling options like cream cheese, strawberry, and bavarian cream, you can satisfy everyone at your reception.


groom's cake beignets

No matter what time of year, beignets can bring that  New Orleans feel to your wedding. Similar to macaroons, beignets can be organized in many different arrangements depending on what you’d like – just keep some extra napkins handy!

Donut Tower

groom's cake donuts

Everyone loves a good donut. Glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, jelly-filled – the possibilities are nearly endless. They’re a versatile dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth without feeling over-indulgent. Throw them on a tower, and watch them disappear!

Get Creative

groom's cake blacksmith

There are extremely talented professionals in the world of cake-making, and they can accomplish some incredible things. If you can dream it, it’s quite likely that a baker can make it a reality. So, find yourself a professional and get creative!

Ice Cream Groom’s Cake

groom's cake dungeons and dragons

We’ll just say, there wouldn’t be a song written about it if it weren’t good. This alternative cake is two desserts in one, so clearly you can’t go wrong – just make sure to keep it cold!


groom's cupcakes

What’s better than a cake? A bunch of tiny cakes! Cupcakes are a staple dessert that gives your guests what they’re looking for without going over the top. And it delivers pretty well on its name, since it is in fact a cake in a cup.

Petit fours

On the fancier side of cupcakes, you have petit fours. They’re similar to cupcakes in that you’re promised a small version of a cake (minus the cup). A petit four can be any style of cake, from red velvet to pineapple upside-down, and, if your venue provides hors d’oeuvre service, they’re a perfect dessert to be passed out in a similar fashion.

Honorable Mentions

These are, of course, not the only desserts in the world – only our favorite alternatives. Because of this, we will honorably mention that cheesecake, bread pudding, and cookies are all mouthwatering alternatives to your classic groom’s cake.

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Our Favorite Alternatives to the Classic Groom’s Cake